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George Petersen replied to Ryan Hammond's discussion Fairchild 670
"thank goodness... besides being fragile and pricey, the original weighs 65 pounds and has 21 tubes!"
14 hours ago
Sam Cole updated their profile
15 hours ago
Ryan Hammond replied to Ryan Hammond's discussion Fairchild 670
Peter Richter replied to Ryan Hammond's discussion Fairchild 670
"I meant less bias. Not led bias.... can't find edit button"
Peter Richter replied to Ryan Hammond's discussion Fairchild 670
"Usually you use this type of tube comp to get a bit of distortion to fatten up the sound. The bias usually affects which harmonics appear . Led bias gives more even harmonics so a smoother distortion. Higher bias tend to give more odd harmonics so a…"
CBRock replied to jonah brindley's discussion Yamaha CL-5 surround sound
"We poked around witht he 5.1 setup on our CL5 the other day and it seems a little convoluted, at least at first glance. We host the SXSW film festival each year and use the console in its standard LCR configuration Basically, the first six channels…"
Ryan Hammond replied to Ryan Hammond's discussion Fairchild 670
"Oh no lol... it's just a plugin."
Ryan Hammond replied to Ryan Hammond's discussion Fairchild 670
"Yup... this is first time with a bias type comp though. I am going for a nice subtle colored comp."


Fairchild 670

Started by Ryan Hammond. Last reply by George Petersen 14 hours ago. 8 Replies

I was tinkering with this thing at sound check and have no idea what I'm doing. I heard the Fairchild is a bias type compressor so I adjusted the bias as a ratio and it sounds really good... just not…Continue

Yamaha CL-5 surround sound

Started by jonah brindley. Last reply by CBRock on Saturday. 3 Replies

Has anyone set up the Yamaha CL-5 for surround Sound?I have a project in OCT. with a large Film Festival who is asking me to look into installing extra speakers into my Theater and try to set up a…Continue

Solutions for feeding signal to delay stacks?

Started by Bill Yekel. Last reply by Mike Hooper Aug 24. 12 Replies

Obviously there are different solutions available from long cables to radio setups. How about sharing some of the more creative 'back yard' solutions as well as the commercially available ones.Continue

Do You Like It Better Standing Up Or Sitting Down?

Started by Dan Daley. Last reply by Bill Daly Aug 17. 36 Replies

No, I'm not being salacious or facetious. I'm polling the readership to see what their preferences are when it comes to mixing live music: do you perfer to work in a standing or sitting position, and…Continue

Live violin solution

Started by Suman Ghosh. Last reply by Peter Richter Aug 15. 16 Replies

Hi,Can Anybody tell me what will be the best solution for a acoustic violin in live shows.It has to be a lot feedback resistent.Anyone who can suggest which mic or pickup will be the best.Thankyou.Continue

Low Cut on Toms

Started by Ryan Hammond. Last reply by Ryan Hammond Aug 13. 7 Replies

I was wondering... how many of you put a low cut on the toms? I've experimented with the standard 12, 13, 16 tom set using a higher cut and a lower one and found that I get a much bigger sound if I…Continue

"Mastered For iTunes"...Are there specific parameters?

Started by Rocky Poulin Aug 12. 0 Replies

Are there specific parameters in the mastering process that deems a song "Mastered for iTunes"?I have a love/hate relationship with iTunes..I can buy any song I want but they sound horrible in hi-end…Continue


Started by George Petersen. Last reply by TableSyrupRecords Aug 11. 8 Replies

Are there certain pieces of must-have outboard hardware processors that are still part of your sound -- whether used alone or with plug-ins or onboard console processing?Continue

Waves Hardware - Live or Studio

Started by TableSyrupRecords. Last reply by Simon A. Billington Jul 28. 1 Reply

Who here is using Waves Hardware, either Studio, or Live...???Personally, I've been using the DLS (With my HD I/O 16x16 and 192) and it's been amazing. Also just got a IOS. My plan is to move away…Continue


Started by George Petersen. Last reply by TableSyrupRecords Jul 27. 1 Reply

is a wireless alarm you put in your truck, trailer or van full of music, sound and/or lighting gear, and if your vehicle is stolen or moved, it calls your cell phone to tell…Continue

Blog Posts


Posted by George Petersen on August 24, 2015 at 10:00am 0 Comments

The S6L is getting closer to shipping, but the company has made numerous public and private showings of the mixer within the industry. But I was wondering what impressions people have of it so far...

At last week's PALM-China tradeshow, the AVID booth featured a large screen display running the…



Posted by George Petersen on August 7, 2015 at 11:30am 6 Comments

Two days ago, the FCC issued a ruling regarding the future of the 600 MHz band ( and other bands) for wireless mic users. Could be a glimmer of hope, but how have these past changes affected you?

Here's a link to the recent news item...



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