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Ryan Hammond replied to Greg Boucher's discussion Underpowering Speakers Causing Damage a Myth?
"Exactly. Always use correctly matched amps to the speakers. Also, make sure you have good DSPs with peak AND RMS limiters. There are very informed professionals that work for PA distributors that will help you pick the best combination. Sweetwater…"
levent cilek replied to Anthony Galli's discussion Rechargable Batteries for Wireless Mics
"You can use NiMH rechargeable batteries.  Not only do they deliver more power, it last longer and it also can be charged up to 1000 times compared to 750 times for NiCd batteries. NiMH are also environmental friendly unlike the NiCd which…"
Tuomas Kolehmainen replied to George Petersen's discussion WAY OFF-THE-RIDER MICS
"I have used the D190 on congas and bongos in the past, worked great. I now use the "S"- model, with a switch, for talkback, just because it looks so good ;) Nowadays I use an older Earthworks-model, SR69 on percussion, you screw off the…"
Brendan Lister liked George Petersen's discussion HOW GRUMPY ARE YOU?
Steven Olsen replied to Greg Boucher's discussion Underpowering Speakers Causing Damage a Myth?
"I've been a speaker reconer / musician / FOH tech / installer for MANY years. Speakers are not damaged by under-powering but by using a "to small amplifier" and driving it into a heavy clipping situation. That heavy clipping throws…"
Trevor Sobchyshyn replied to George Petersen's discussion WAY OFF-THE-RIDER MICS
"Not as rare as some classic mics but in my part of the world selection is sort of left to the main rider meeting stuff. But through all that I've fallen deeply in love with the Heil PR31-BW and have a kit full of Heil stuff. I've used the…"
Johan Molund replied to George Petersen's discussion HOW GRUMPY ARE YOU?
"Of course you get grumpy some days for very good reasons, but those days are often owershadowed by all the good days when this job is the best job in the world. Days when you make people happy and euforic watching the band they love!"
Mike Caldwell replied to George Petersen's discussion WAY OFF-THE-RIDER MICS
"Along the lines of old EV mics, I like just about any of the EV RE or PL series with the "Variable D" design on guitar amps. In most cases I'll grab a the lowly EV PL6 as my first pick when given the choice.  "


Underpowering Speakers Causing Damage a Myth?

Started by Greg Boucher. Last reply by Ryan Hammond yesterday. 52 Replies

Heard a lot of back and forth on this subject. I know guys who double continuous power on their amps and guys who actually say it's unnecessary. Anyway, this article explains why there is no danger…Continue

Rechargable Batteries for Wireless Mics

Started by Anthony Galli. Last reply by levent cilek yesterday. 21 Replies

Hey I was wondering if anyone is using rechargable batteries for wireless mics?  If so what kind?  Thanks. AnthonyContinue


Started by George Petersen. Last reply by Tuomas Kolehmainen yesterday. 7 Replies

There are certain well-known microphones that are standard in the industry, such as SM57's, SM58's, MD-421's, M88's, C-414's, RE-20's and more — the list is nearly endless. And there's a good reason…Continue


Started by George Petersen. Last reply by Johan Molund yesterday. 5 Replies

According to a joke article being circulated around the Internet lately, sound engineering was officially declared the grumpiest profession in the world at the "International Jobs Summit,", having…Continue

Do You Like It Better Standing Up Or Sitting Down?

Started by Dan Daley. Last reply by Clint Kaster on Thursday. 34 Replies

No, I'm not being salacious or facetious. I'm polling the readership to see what their preferences are when it comes to mixing live music: do you perfer to work in a standing or sitting position, and…Continue

Dual Amp Cabinet Miking?

Started by George Petersen. Last reply by Ryan Hammond Jun 23. 15 Replies

This is fast becoming the standard setup rather than the exception, but lately just about all the big tours are combining two mics on guitar amps — usually an SM57 or 421 with a ribbon or small…Continue

COI - Certificate of Insurance

Started by Eric "E.ROCK" Heil. Last reply by Randy Gartner Jun 22. 8 Replies

I have a question for the group and I'd like some feedback on it: I am a freelance subcontractor that provides labor to production companies in the corporate theater sector. Specifically my…Continue

Spoiled on Digital

Started by George Petersen. Last reply by Doug Stringfellow Jun 22. 84 Replies

After mixing on digital (with all the automation and recall) can you go back to analog mixing?  Continue


Started by George Petersen. Last reply by Doug Stringfellow Jun 18. 20 Replies

Are two microphones really necessary on kick, or is this mostly a case of "we can, so we need to do it?" Continue

JBL SRX800 First Test

Started by Ryan Hammond. Last reply by Ryan Hammond Jun 10. 3 Replies

Well, I was at one of our venues where we installed four JBL SRX812P top boxes and two SRX828SPs and they sound pretty good. I did have to make some adjustments to the vocals since the 58s sounded a…Continue

Blog Posts

Custom made in St. Louis

Posted by Steve Walker on June 16, 2015 at 10:00am 1 Comment

My very first mixer was a Tapco, but the band needed more channels. Back in '73, there were two guys building PA gear out of a small rented corner of the old, shuttered Falstaff brewery in St. Louis: John Barry and Rick Aubuchon. They built a console for me that I spec'd, 14 input by 4 output (?), for which they had to custom make all the circuit boards and chassis work. This board had a built-in mono 3-way crossover and a mil-spec amphenol multipin connector for the snake which they also…


170'x40' Tent

Posted by Clint Kaster on June 12, 2015 at 9:01am 2 Comments

Oy vey.  We'll see how this shapes up.

So it's the City Opera's 50th Anniversary and they wanted to go big with a gala event outside their fancy new-ish riverside headquarters.  Final design has two tents at a 90-degree angle with a stage between them.  A pre- and post-party tent sticks into their parking lot while a dinner tent stretches off down the middle of the street.  Lamp posts and whatnot limit our width to 40' and the dinner tent will be 170' long with a small stage…


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