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Greg Cameron replied to Brad Perry's discussion Aux fed subs or mono fed subs..???
"There is no difference if the auxes are run at unity. Same net result as using a mono bus. The only difference is with aux based subs, you can dial the level on individual channels down or up from unity if desired."
48 minutes ago
Greg Boucher replied to Brad Perry's discussion Aux fed subs or mono fed subs..???
"Again, only speculation but perhaps to just "flavor" certain instruments with more low frequency. I get what you are saying about the High Pass. I still mix analog but I do have selectable hi-pass on each channel"
5 hours ago
Brad Perry replied to Brad Perry's discussion Aux fed subs or mono fed subs..???
"I find I get a cleaner mix using subs fed from mono. As I am still using analogue gear I do not have the luxury of a high pass filter on every channel (apart from the usual 80hz low cut button).     So all the low frequency mud picked…"
10 hours ago
Greg Boucher replied to Brad Perry's discussion Aux fed subs or mono fed subs..???
"I have always used subs fed from a stereo bus. It again has to do with crossover and balancing your rig . Though, if you want to use it for a Low Effects type channel in theater or in music for a punchier kick drum, I can understand using an aux…"
12 hours ago
Greg Boucher replied to Greg Boucher's discussion Bi-Amping or Passive. Pros and Cons?
"Mr. Cameron, as usual you provide a lot of valuable  information. You are probably the most knowledgeable guy in pro audio! What you said especially about the low frequency content maxing out makes a lot of sense (though I wonder if proper EQ…"
13 hours ago
Greg Cameron replied to Greg Boucher's discussion Bi-Amping or Passive. Pros and Cons?
"If you want to be able to get the most output and clarity from most systems, multi-bandpass (bi-amp/tri-amp/quad-amp) is the only way to go. I think Danley is the only company that has truly high powered and very well designed passive crossovers…"
16 hours ago
Brad Perry replied to Greg Boucher's discussion Bi-Amping or Passive. Pros and Cons?
"My small sound company uses exclusively Peavey QW2/QW218 combinations for FOH...... from one of each per side up to 4 of each per side. Tri-amp processing with Peavey's VSX26 DSP units.   I always bi-amp the tops. The QW2s are very good…"
18 hours ago
Chazz N Fredrick replied to Greg Boucher's discussion Bi-Amping or Passive. Pros and Cons?
"Bi Amping. Well. While I was in Johnson State College, I walked into a gigantic proscenium with no dedicated sound engineer, and a closet full of neglected early 80's rock cabinets. However, the mains that were used for FOH were…"
21 hours ago


Aux fed subs or mono fed subs..???

Started by Brad Perry. Last reply by Greg Cameron 48 minutes ago. 5 Replies

I use an analogue console with 8 aux sends, 8 sub groups and L-R-Mono main outs.I often use up to 6 aux sends for monitors and 2 aux sends for effects.... so no spare aux sends.I send All input…Continue

Bi-Amping or Passive. Pros and Cons?

Started by Greg Boucher. Last reply by Greg Boucher 13 hours ago. 4 Replies

Hi, I just want your opinions. Most sound companies and installations I've worked on use passive but I know a few guys who biamp, even monitor wedges. I personally prefer passive for many reasons …Continue

Behringer X32 edit software delay

Started by Kurtis S. August. Last reply by Mike Fiumara yesterday. 11 Replies

Hello All,I have taken on a once a month gig at a club with a X32 setup behind the bar. I have to mix with a tablet/ipad. I do not have an Ipad, not a mac user. I am using a windows8 tablet with the…Continue


Started by George Petersen. Last reply by levent cilek on Tuesday. 11 Replies

I'm wondering how many of you use external antennas on your wireless rigs? What works? What doesn't? How critical is placement?Continue

First big tour as assistant system tech. What should I pack?

Started by Russell Coburn. Last reply by Russell Coburn on Monday. 8 Replies

Hey everyone,I was recently hired as An assistant system tech on a national tour. I've had a bit of local experience managing a satellite venue owned by a "mega church," worked various large shows…Continue

Avid Consoles

Started by Brendan Lister. Last reply by Brendan Lister on Saturday. 7 Replies

Hi guys, I want to know if anyone has used any Avid Live Consoles. What are your thoughts on them? would you use one again? What was the latency like if you ran Plugins. I've heard a couple of…Continue

Looking for an Engineer & Production Manager in New York

Started by Amit Peleg Jul 15. 0 Replies

We are looking for an experienced head engineer and production manager for a prominent venue in New York (Manhattan). This would be a good opportunity for somebody who is ready to get off the road in…Continue

For a great cause

Started by jay frederic Jul 14. 0 Replies

We are using this for a…Continue


Started by George Petersen Jul 14. 0 Replies

We're looking for suggestions of some great regional sound companies for our annual FOH Hometown Hero Awards. To nominate a favorite sound company (might even be your own), go to …Continue

Verb vs Delay for Ambience

Started by Joshua Coughey. Last reply by Cory Schneckloth Jul 12. 7 Replies

Does anyone else run delay instead of reverb for an ambient effect?For example... On a digital Yamaha desk, I typically have a Rev-X Hall for vocals, as well as the Mono Delay for my tap. But more…Continue

Tags: fx, delay, reverb

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Posted by George Petersen on July 24, 2014 at 10:20am 0 Comments

Every month, FOH magazine spotlights regional and local sound companies in our "Showtime" section. Send details of a recent event by filling out an online submission form, and there’s a better-than-usual chance that your submission will be included in the upcoming issues of FRONT of HOUSE.

To submit your Crew and Gear info along with an image, go to…



Posted by George Petersen on July 17, 2014 at 11:00am 0 Comments

Shipments of bogus Cat-5/Cat-6 data cabling continue to arrive in the US from China. No big deal? Not quite. Often sold cheaply over the internet, it's fraudulently marked as UL certified and plenum-rated for installation in air ducts. Product has arrived in both generic and faked brand-name packaging.

 * It's not fire rated and emits toxic fumes when heated.

 * Installed in ducts, fumes could quickly spread throughout a building.

 * Its poor data integrity is a major…


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