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Steve Walker replied to Greg Boucher's discussion To the Lowest Bidder
"I have learned to walk away from invitations (provocations) to bid against my local competitors solely on price. Those buyers who put price above all else invariably are blind to the technical and service quality factors. And it is very rare…"
1 minute ago
Dean Clott replied to Greg Boucher's discussion To the Lowest Bidder
"I tell him out right that I am not willing to put a show in at that price because of the lack of quality that they will end up with. I give him the price that it will take to do a quality show and 9 times out of 10 they up their budget."
3 hours ago
Bill Robison replied to Greg Boucher's discussion To the Lowest Bidder
"The best we can do is ignore it. Some clients appreciate the value added service we provide our customers and are willing to pay for it. For those who worship at the alter of the lowest common denominator we wish them the best and hope their…"
4 hours ago
Arthur Skudra replied to michael stevenson's discussion wifi snake
"Never heard of anyone using wifi reliably to transport audio for professional applications, unless it's compressed streaming audio where latency and quality is not a concern. In addition to the laser wireless system mentioned, there are these…"
15 hours ago
Domenico Carrera replied to michael stevenson's discussion wifi snake
"Hi, This type of technology has been in use for many years in IT, only issue is when a flock birds fly accross the beam. It is normally ok for TCP/IP as it will simply retry. You would want to make sure that the Protocol / equipment you are…"
15 hours ago
Steven Olsen replied to Greg Boucher's discussion To the Lowest Bidder
"In comparing "Apples to Apples" in the bidding process, how can you possibly spec the technician running it? I've heard some really terrible sound come out of some very nice equipment and I've heard some fairly decent sound in…"
15 hours ago
Ryan Hammond replied to Jason Bertok's discussion First issues with Behr X32
"That's exactly what I was thinking... I love those Speakons!"
20 hours ago
Bill Yekel replied to Jason Bertok's discussion First issues with Behr X32
"Greg, I AGREE! I think it should be some type of twist to lock design. Maybe like a mini Speakon. All my drop snakes use the Neutrik D series connectors, and I've had good luck with them..  "


To the Lowest Bidder

Started by Greg Boucher. Last reply by Steve Walker 1 minute ago. 9 Replies

Last week, our company's annual conference was held at the convention center. Horrible audio! It is a state facility and I can only imagine it went to the lowest bidder.I from time to time have to…Continue

wifi snake

Started by michael stevenson. Last reply by Arthur Skudra 15 hours ago. 8 Replies

anybody ever heard of or used a wifi snake ? i was informed they are using them all over europe . and they work well.

First issues with Behr X32

Started by Jason Bertok. Last reply by Ryan Hammond 20 hours ago. 19 Replies

Currently I have 4 problems with our X32, which we have had for 15 mos. The small ones are; an LED has burned out on a channel meter, a mute group button sticks so it basically is useless, and the…Continue

Aux fed subs or mono fed subs..???

Started by Brad Perry. Last reply by Greg Boucher yesterday. 15 Replies

I use an analogue console with 8 aux sends, 8 sub groups and L-R-Mono main outs.I often use up to 6 aux sends for monitors and 2 aux sends for effects.... so no spare aux sends.I send All input…Continue

Digital Consoles and Comp on Mains

Started by Ryan Hammond. Last reply by Greg Boucher on Friday. 5 Replies

I've noticed that some digital consoles are pretty funny when it comes to the levels on the mains—especially when lower compression is used (with proper gain structure). Does anyone else put…Continue

Monitoring Headphones

Started by Daniel Moretz. Last reply by R. Kevin Betts Aug 27. 13 Replies

I'm in the market for a new pair of monitoring headphones. I currently have an older generation of the Sennheiser HD family and am considering a pair of HD380 Pro's. What are some of your favorites?


Started by George Petersen. Last reply by Ryan Hammond Aug 27. 14 Replies

Do you have a particular preference in speakers or does it change depending on the application or situation? Or do you go between the two, say liking unpowered mains in a hanging installation,…Continue

Touring without production- What to bring?

Started by Joshua Coughey. Last reply by Mike Pomerantz Aug 26. 12 Replies

For those of us who tour with bands/artists that only carry backline... What do you bring? I've seen so many "what's in your Pelican" discussions, but most of those are guys that are traveling with…Continue

Tags: touring

M32 Delayed.......AGAIN!

Started by RedRocket Aug 19. 0 Replies

My Midas M32 order that I placed back in February is now delayed again, till NOVEMBER 2014!  I know this desk is popular, but this is kinda of disappointing.Continue

Tags: midas, m32

EQ or Compressor first?

Started by Jeff Scott. Last reply by AshayinFLA Aug 18. 10 Replies

Hi folks. Situation: Pastor with a Lav mic. Very dynamic speaker. Looking to control his levels a bit. Currently, I have a 15 band graph on his Channel insert and am using it to shape the tone of the…Continue

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Posted by George Petersen on August 27, 2014 at 1:54pm 1 Comment


If you know a great: 

Lighting Company; Lighting Designer; Lighting Board Operator; Set/Scenic Designer; Sound Company; FOH Mixer; Monitor Mixer; Audio System Tech; Video Rental Company; Video Director; Staging Company; Rigging Company; Set Construction Company; Pyro Company; Production Manager; Tour Manager; Coach Company; Trucking Company; Freight Forwarding Company...

Go to…


ABC affilate KATV Channel 7 interviews The NEW American Bluesman.

Posted by billy jones bluez on August 25, 2014 at 8:47pm 0 Comments

Hoping all of our European friends in Belgium, Germany, France, Austria, Amsterdam, Switzerland, Greece, Apeldoorn and Italy will be listening online. ...will tour there again soon!

The promos for this broadcast will start airing this coming Friday through Tuesday. The show will air September 2nd, 2014…


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