A recent post from Stan revealed that he is also a bass player, as am I and several other soundies that I know of personally.

It would be interesting to see what all you others play / sing or not a muso at all.

Let us know even if you're not a bass player so we can see what the ratio is.

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Most all of my fellow sound techs (including myself) were drummers and secondarily (myself included) were bassists.

That is speaking about 'live sound' techs.  The recording geeks seem to be keyboard and guitar players. (More narcissistic?)

I think that we 'live engineers' like to make loud noises and the studio guys like to listen to themselves. (Of course everyone knows that real guitar players have super-human hearing to begin with so you have to let them do the studio gigs.)

Guitar player. Huh? What did you say?? Guess my hearing has been impaired by the full stack! I have to admit that guitar players in general love to hear themselves! Give us just enough kick and vox to keep the beat and get out of the way!

I do have a Keyboard friend that is a studio guy!

I am a bass player as well. I would be interested in how many of us got into this like I did. I basically got stuck eyeball deep in debt on a PA and truck and then the band broke up.

I play bass too. I've always felt that bass players are just good, team players. We don't get the solos or the groupies, we just make everyone else sound better... just like the sound man. This is not meant to offend any of the guitar slingers or ivory ticklers. Music needs front men and team players alike. It's just a difference in personality.

+1 on this. The personality that makes me solid on bass plays well to my sound man persona as well.

Make that +2.  We might not get the solos or groupies, but we're the support on the bottom that brings it!!!

I started with guitar lessons;lost coin toss to play bass and quit. Saw Jack Cassady (hot tuna) following week and became a bass player! My dad got me hooked on mechanical/electrical stuff at early age so when we needed pa I was "the guy". Band(sssss) broke up but I found I could rent stuff and run it and,lo and behold actually get paid! I started my sound co (black&blue audio) in high school. 20's & 30's ran it FT untill I met my wife. I have,and always will run sound in one form or the other it's as big a rush as playing on stage ("my band opened for the outlaws,marshall tucker,mountain,who really cares! "lol). This site is my facebook; I have the other account but I'm on here 3-4 times as often.Funny, as a player I see why musicians see some sound tech's as prima-donna a@#$ and as a sound dude I see why musicians are,well ya get my point. Trouble is, if both sides don't work together the show suffers. In here it's a community and pretty much everyone plays nice besides I learn so much from everyone (been at this 37 years!). Stan

I guess my story is similar to Stan's. My father got me interested in electronics, so when I stated playing in bands as a teenager the next step was of course to build amplifiers and mixers. I used the home build stuff for years. Evntually it got tothe point where the DIY stuff didn't have enough street cred, and besides it is cheaper to buy electronics than to build now anyway.

I didn't start out on bass - i was doing guitar at first (not that well). Some guys I knew ere doing auditions for a bass player and a guitarist on the same night. I said I could play bass. They were so busy concentrating on the guitars players quirks that they didn't notice that I wasn't that experinced on bass and so i stayed. Now I'm happy to be a bass player.

I think that we have that balance between practicality, technology and artisticness. (I bet lots of us are Librans too - but that's another matter)

Yes, i totally agree, am a bass player as well. The bassist factor makes you bkend other guys well while achieving a nice and heavy mix


Funny, but I must admit I'm a guitar player... and am probably 80/20 recording over reinforcement. But, I specialize in live, multi-track recording so don't pigeon-hole me as the "studio prima donna" type...lol!

I started my music career as a Left Handed bass player, I wandered into Marissa IL HEIL SOUND and bought a Sunn Coliseum Bass Rig, and later ordered a Left handed custom Sunburst Precision Bass thru another music store, I had quite a Career in a show band that used Outfits, props and did parodys and such of popular groups such as Paul Revere, The Beatles, Hermans Hermits, etc, I played in several citys Playboys clubs and worked once with Ike and Tina Turner when there bass player fell Ill from Food Poisoning, The Local Union hall called me and said, YOU READ MUSIC, I said yes, he said get your gear and get down to this Club at address .....I had no Idea when I walked in and saw IKE, TINA and a Band that looked at me as if I were crazy...Ike Turner was a fearful looking cat, but he says Can you play that thing upside down, I said Jimi Hendrix does a fair job doesnt he....he handed me the sheets, I rocked and rolled him and the joint and was left standing outside with a smile as a very sexy Tina Turner says you did pretty good for a white kid.....30 Bucks in my hand. I was 18 years old.......played Bass for about 18 years before I sold all my gear and became a SOUND GUY...

I am wondering - so could you read music at the time or did you wing it?


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