What's a better amp, crown xti 4000 or qsc plx 3402? they spec close (output pwr) and I want some opinions and experiences with JUST THESE PARTICULAR AMPS! It would be used to power a 4ohm load (subs) in brdg mono and the xti's dsp would not be used so that feature is not a comparison factor, just pwr/performance/reliability

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i wouldn't dare use either amp for subs!


Why not?

these amps were not made for use on subs...... better to get a used macro 3600, 5000 or PL-6, PL-9 if you want a decent sub amp from those manufacturers.......

 I have macro's I use with installed systems and bigger shows which also require a bigger truck (actually a trailer) and move manpower to move and setup. For the portion of work I do that pay's less also requires less and actually when it's all said and done the money I make is close to the same money, with less stress.

  This is a compact, easy and fast setup and load in rig that has plenty of power for the jobs it's used for. I have 2x each amp and I've been using 2 xti's bridged  (1 per side) for the past 4-5yrs or so and I haven't had any issues but I have 2x plx3402's on hand that I pulled from an install and planned to liquidate but If they are better then the xti's I want to keep them and sell the xti's. It looks like the used market for both amps is similar so Im just looking to keep the better of these choices and not looking to invest anything not necessary with this particular rig. It's making money for me and sounds great with lots of headroom in the rooms it's used. 

  The xti was made for subs (or full range), The DSP in the amp has presets specific for subs and it's recommended bycrown/jbl to power some of the subs in the jbl line. It's also in DBX's DRPA tunnings for subs and crown/dbx are same parent company.

  I also have limited a/c at these gigs and the macro's draw massive power,

true that.....  i would say just a-b them and let your ears make the decision.....   the macros are definitely boat anchors and suck up the juice......
Never used the QSC PLX 3402, had a demo Crown Xti 4000 on a few gigs. Main drawback I found was when inputs are paralled, the channel 2 gain was bypassed, so only the channel 1 knob affected both outputs.

 They have several possible input options available and the parallel in mode will bypass ch2 gain control and if you want control gain independently there is an option labeled "input Y" which will essentially parallel the inputs and feed the same signal to ch1/ch2 with gain control remaining independent. 


Good to know, will try that if I ever use them again.

the qscs do not offer this option...just the crowns. and thats using the dsp inside the unit to configure


ditch the xti imho. low dealer cost+lower resale value in end of day. not to mention the dsp displays have a nasty habit of going blank under heat.

I had the Crown XTI4000 hooked up to two SRX718's [just to try it out] and it was in the red, most of the night.Sold it and am going to use either a macro 3600, or two 1200's.If I would of had two of them, it probably would of been a better match, but one just wasn't enough.

If the amp is in the red then it doesn't have enough output power for the application.  That doesn't mean the amp is inferior or doesn't sound as good as another.

What about the plx 3402? It's not varsity either, right? 


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